Universal Tree (2010)

by The Seers

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Unfolding perfectly / everything that could breathe / lost in the patterns and in the Way / of the Universal Tree / and everything but me / surrounded by your enemy / what are we missing? / Why don’t we listen? / It is our mystery
When you were there, it didn’t mean anything, it didn’t mean anything / it was just another moment. It was just another moment / Then you go home and, Then you go home and, Then you go home and turn it over in your mechanical brain / it’s strange / That at times, it is only the afterthought that causes all the suffering / It is strange, so strange / That at times you need to let it go, there’s a new beginning again / what are missing / why do we listen / it is our mystery…
I had a dream I traveled time / I felt my happiness unwind / I was set into a book or a puzzle or play / I dreamed I had a lot to say / But then, what came upon the wind / A message sent / God knows by who and when / But it said that the sun will burn out, the sun will burn out soon / And now they all know that the sun will burn out, the sun will burn out soon / And everyone’s preparing for what they can’t prepare for / And everyone’s preparing for what’s could be in store when there’s no tomorrow…no tomorrow anymore / But it said that the sun will burn out, the sun will burn out soon / And now they all know that the sun will burn out, the sun will burn out soon….
I could have lost it all today / could have followed foolish parades / in a drunken stupor till I landed on someone else's door / and what’s more / I don’t remember a thing / In living color with my mind / I could not break away this time / there is a message it’s the one that I’m not sending cause I really don’t think it’s my time / so… I could have found another way / I could have lost it all today / and lend my hand to a mad parade and stay / I could have found it all again / but there was something holding me / fast to my chair / couldn’t pull away…
small victories / a trembling leaf / nothing’s left at the end of each day / moments when nothing happening / and your spellbound with the memories / seeing then what could have found / a reason to express these / seeing then what could have found / a way to break the madness
I’m running in a madness circle / I’m running in a madness circle / everyone I see is on the way / And everybody here dreams of nothing / I swear they sit around and dream of nothing / nobody knows what they’ve done today /and I see myself a-running out of the shell that’s kept me there for so long / so very long / And I see my dreams a running / here they come now better catch them / Get it on way too long / You better put your spell-bound sunglasses on / and watch it glow
You never want / what life could give you / you never have / what it takes / know it won’t wait…
I’m tired of everything / explaining all the things that I have done today / I had to answer to someone / The boss is getting weird / all of my colleagues are half-insane by the end of the day / so I just go home and rev up all my records / and try to forget about everyone / and everything / but it’s no use / they ran me out of juice / oh / it’s no use / they ran me out of juice / and the mirror seems cold / and dreams are growing old / tomorrow I awaiting a delusion / think it’ll be time for tea / think it’ll be time for me / didn’t take into consideration / the backbone of my existence is depending on my every move / so forget it / forget it / I sit there and wallow
Hold my hand / we’ll get through this dark night together / hold my hand / I can show you / hold my hand / I’ll show you how to get there / hold my hand / I’ll show you how to move / hold my hand / I’ll show you how to move / if you want to
I rush to get through in time to begin / I rush to get climbing when there’s another peak to ascend / I just get through speaking some words / when I’ve got something else to explain / it happens again and again / but my memories blur of all the years I’ve said the same things / my memories blur like a child / I’ve already been here way too much / I’ve already thought about all of the possibilities / while I’m here underneath the tree / there’s many like me / there’s many like me


This is the stream-of-consciousness experimental rock album that we've been dreaming of making for quite some time now. We're really happy with the transitions between the songs, and how the album as a whole holds together. We originally took about 45 minutes worth of improvised music Brian came up with one inspired evening, and whittled it down to the current 18 minute 11-track incarnation. We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to making more records like this one in the future. Please SHARE!!!


released October 28, 2010

All songs written by Brian Collins (Vocals, Keyboards, Organs, Synthesizers) with Sean Waters (Electric Guitars, Synthesizers) and Tyler Lindgren (Percussion, Drums). Recorded at the Wood Stack Records Studio, Fort Collins CO, in the Summer of 2010.
Produced and Mixed by Sean Waters, Brian Collins, and Tyler Lindgren; Mastered by Aaron Freidman at the GP Studio, Longmont, CO.




The Seers Fort Collins

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